Mothyna James-Brightful, Deputy Director, is a dynamic and experienced leader in the non-profit sector. Clients describe her as “energetic, passionate, and inspirational,” and it’s no wonder why. With over 18 years of experience, Sister Mothyna has trained over 100,000 individuals and has a proven track record of curating cohesive teams.

In 2004, Sister Mothyna co-founded Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc (HWHN), which served women and reached over 2 million individuals before formally closing its doors in 2021. Her impressive work has been recognized in publications such as The Daily Record, Ebony Magazine, Be What I Want to Be Magazine, and The Afro-American Newspapers.

Sister Mothyna is also an accomplished author, with an Amazon bestseller, Engage Inspire Prevent: Strategies for Educating Teens on Sexual Violence, and co-author of Speak Up: The Ultimate Guide to Dominate the Speaking Industry. She is proudly licensed by the Standards for Excellence Institute® to assist non-profit organizations in improving their accountability and commitment to best practices. 

Currently serving as CEO of MeRISE, a consulting, coaching, and development company, Sister Mothyna is working with social impact organizations to increase understanding and reduce opposition. MeRISE specializes in public speaking, presentation skills, storytelling, highly engaging facilitation, and transformational team experiences. Leaders seeking to transition from mediocre to magnetic in leadership development, managing teams, public awareness, and engagement work with Sister Mothyna. With her expertise, they can elevate their impact and achieve greater success.

Sister Mothyna plays a crucial role managing complex project plans across various program areas. As MNADV’s  Deputy Director she acts as a trusted advisor to the Executive Director, contributing to effective decision-making, managing project budgets, and coordinating relationship-building efforts. She provides invaluable guidance, mentoring, and professional development to the Training and Technical Assistance Team, Lethality Assessment Program, and the Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist. This collaborative leader ensures seamless coordination among teams by setting timelines, deliverables, and assignments, fostering a culture of close collaboration for achieving shared goals within MNADV.