Find out who your legislators are and how to contact them

Express Your Opinions to Law Makers

MNADV periodically expresses its position on certain laws or public policies. To fight for what you care about, you can contact your state or national legislators.

To Find Your Legislator

To find who represents you in Maryland’s General Assembly or the United States Congress:

  • Visit the Maryland General Assembly’s website >> Legislator Lookup
  • Click “Lookup.”
  • Enter your street number and name.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Click “Find.”

To Contact Your Legislator

After you find your legislator, to contact them:

  • Click on the blue hyperlinked name you want to contact.
  • Choose method of contact (phone, email, fax).
  • Note that for national legislators, to email, you must:
    • Click on their website link.
    • Click on their “Contact” button.
    • Follow the instructions from there.
MD State House