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Our Annual Celebration & Awards Event will be held in-person on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 beginning at 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. 

The MNADV will recognize individuals and groups who have made a significant contribution toward the elimination of domestic violence in Maryland. We are honored to recognize those who have been working effectively and collaboratively within the domestic violence community to positively impact victims and survivors.


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Selected nominee(s) will have a demonstrated track record as a community member that has provided exceptional support to the domestic violence community and/or to victims/survivors themselves.

This may include people within health care, education, law enforcement, criminal justice, social services, faith-based organizations, the local business community, media, or other related fields.


Selected nominee will have a demonstrated track record as a staff member or volunteer at an organization that provides direct services to victims/survivors who goes above and beyond the job description to make a difference.

ONLY Domestic Violence Service Provider programs are eligible to submit for this nomination. * Programs are encouraged to nominate ONE (1) person – a staff member, volunteer, or board member.

ONE Domestic Violence Service Provider Awardee will be selected from the nominations, other nominees will be recognized at the Annual Celebration as a Program Honoree.

Criteria that will be considered in the review process include an exceptional, special, noteworthy, and/or innovative contribution to eliminating domestic violence that goes above and beyond a person’s regular roles and responsibilities.


Selected nominee will have a demonstrated track record and successes in leading statewide, regional, or community-based systems advocacy efforts that aim to improve the response to domestic violence and that works toward the elimination of domestic violence.


This award recognizes a person’s dedication to ending domestic violence. A demonstrated track record of outstanding achievement in advocacy, organizing, and tireless service has allowed this person to plant the seeds of significant change in the lives of survivors, as well as change the landscape of domestic violence related systems in Maryland.

The recipient will be selected based on the following criteria: * experienced in survivor-centered advocacy for victims/survivors and their children; * level of involvement in domestic violence advocacy; * vision of resolving both the micro and macro level issues faced by victims in Maryland; * leadership demonstrating a vision of ending gender-based violence; * and Commitment to social justice.


This award recognizes a person who is a Lethality Assessment “LAP 2.0” implementer in the State of Maryland. This person must have demonstrated notable contributions to the institution and the academic community, specific programs or initiatives they have developed or led, examples of leadership, excellence in service provision and/or direct care, quality improvement initiatives, education, and training, or other noteworthy achievements.

*Must be a Lethality Assessment LAP 2.0 implementer in the State Maryland.

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