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Online Learning Center

MNADV offers a variety of online learning options. This page contains information about available e-trainings. The three major categories of trainings included:

  • Self-Paced Courses, which offer learning modules that can be done over time in increments.
  • Webinars, which are normally between 1-2 hours long.
  • Lectures, which include keynote addresses at conferences and other types of talks (podcasts, panels, etc.).

Types of Training

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Identification and Treatment of Interpersonal Violence in Complex Times: Domestic Violence, Stockholm Syndrome, and Telehealth

MNADV produced this training presented by Dr. Sage Breslin, a nationally recognized Trauma Psychologist. The webinar first provides an overview of domestic violence, then introduces a new way of examining “Stockholm Syndrome,” instead labeling it as Trauma Based Perceptual Distortion or “Reality Dysmorphia,” and explaining its special treatment needs. Dr. Breslin also provides guidance on best practices in telehealth, including assessing for safety, extremely important and relevant skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Routes of Safety

MNADV produced this training on The Routes of Safety, created and presented by Jake Ernst, MSW, an expert in trauma. The Routes of Safety Model is built on the belief that feeling safe is an essential treatment for those who have experienced various forms of trauma and that trauma changes and comprises the ability to feel safe within ourselves. Jake created the Routes of Safety model to assist people in gaining more access to a felt sense of emotional safety. The model describes the ways people fluidly access safety, understanding that routes are individual depending on lived and early emotional experiences, trauma that has been experienced and/or inherited, and current relationships.

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