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What you need to know about MAIC

  • A statewide network of experienced professionals is committed to supporting Abuse Intervention Programs (AIPs) as they provide services for those who use violence in their intimate partner relationships.
  • Our Goals:
    • Ensure there are quality & effective Abuse Intervention Programs throughout MD.
    • Improve victim safety.
    • Promote accountability and responsibility for those who use violence in their relationships.
    • Eliminate Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) & abuse.

The collaborative

  •  Support programs that prevent future violence by intervening with individuals who use violence in intimate relationships.
  • Discuss ways to improve the coordinated community response to Intimate Partner Violence.
  • Promote evidence-based, best practices in Abuse Intervention.
  • Partner on AIP research and evaluation.
  • Offer peer support and advocacy for AIPs through:
    • Education;
    • Technical assistance;
    • Collaboration with service providers and criminal justice professionals.
  • AIPs
  • Parole & Probation
  • Judicial Staff
  • State’s Attorneys
  • The Department of Social Services
  • Public Defenders
  • Victim Advocates
  • Mental Health Programs
  • Students/Interns in Behavioral Health
  • Other Stakeholders
  • Research shows that despite being under-resourced, Maryland AIPs are effective in reducing crime.
  • People who complete an AIP have significantly lower rates of recidivism for all criminal charges.
  • A recent evaluation of Maryland’s AIPs examined recidivism data for 1900 offenders.
  • 40% of these offenders completed an Abuse Intervention Program.
  • During the year after AIP intake (after controlling for gender, race, age at first offense, and criminal history), those who completed an AIP had:
    • 25-35% fewer criminal recidivism offenses compared to those who failed to complete and AIP.
    • 16-30% fewer violent offenses compared to those who failed to complete an AIP.


  • For more info on becoming an AIP, please visit: Click Here

Want to attend our meetings, join us!

  • We meet the third Friday of every month.
  • MAIC is committed to supporting virtual attendance for all of our meetings.

To join the listserv & learn more information on becoming a member,

Please email: [email protected]