Angel Campbell (She/They) is the Training and Technical Assistant Specialist for the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence. Ms. Campbell is responsible for coordinating MNADV”s five-day comprehensive training and was instrumental in transitioning the training to a virtual format during the pandemic. They are a subject matter expert and have presented in the areas of Teen Dating Violence, Power and Control Dynamics, Allyship, Stalking, and Technology at the local, regional, state, and national levels. Prior to joining MNADV, Angel worked as a Felony Sexual Assault Legal Advocate and a Crisis Intervention Counselor in Michigan. They obtained their Bachelor’s in Psychology at Eastern Michigan University and are passionate about supporting survivors, especially youth. After surviving both teen dating violence and later sexual assault, Angel has shared her story at educational institutions and with advocates and other allied professionals to raise awareness of intimate partner violence between youth and the barriers many face to seeking support.