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2023 Virtual Domestic Violence Homicide Service

The 35th annual Memorial Service will remember the Maryland adults and children who died as a result of domestic violence during the past 12 months. Between January 1 and December 31, 2022, more than 45 Marylanders lost their lives due to domestic violence.  These individuals were representative of all different ages, genders, socio-economic statuses, races, and ethnicities.

The names of the individuals from across Maryland who died as a result of domestic violence in 2022 will be read. We will also pay tribute to all the friends and families who are left behind because of these deaths. Special guest speakers will discuss the personal impact of these tragedies as well as the trends in these deaths, from which we can learn strategies to better prevent Intimate Partner Violence homicides. Finally, we will examine steps the Network and our partners have already taken to address these trends. A healing space after the service will be open to all attendees and moderated by MNADV staff.

The Memorial Service heightens awareness of domestic violence and reminds the community of the terrible toll that domestic violence takes each year on families in Maryland. It also provides us the opportunity to collectively grieve and collectively invest ourselves in creating change.

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SongRise Musical Accompaniment


Who we are

SongRise is Washington DC’s very own women’s social justice a cappella group made up of 20 passionate and dynamic women working toward positive change in the community! Founded in 2010, SongRise inspires action through song amplifying the fight for social change on a wide range of issues from civil rights to worker rights, ending LGBTQ+ discrimination and racism, highlighting environmental justice, and supporting women’s rights just to name a few. They offer up their singing talents at community events, fundraisers, rallies, protests, churches, farmer’s markets, civil rights celebrations, arts showcases, schools, and more.

Why we sing

SongRise’s goal is to inspire action through song. We use our music to support the fight for social change and advocacy. We endeavor to encourage perseverance, raise awareness, and break down barriers. We hope that our listeners will walk away feeling energized to continue the fight for social justice or to start contributing to a cause they are passionate about.

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